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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
Danja Clematis Island (S 1) Geochemical
Danja Gunnar (S 1) Quartz
Danja Maldives Islands (S 1) Spice
Danja Sensual Stoneworks (S 1) Geochemical
Danja Ave Maria (S 1) Sage
Danja Cynister (S 1) Cloth
Danja Lake Unlaced (S 1) Magnesium
Danja Empire III (S 1) Dirty Bandaid
Danja Nordic Horizon (S 1) Radio Carbon
Danja Secret Oasis (S 1) Mercury
Danja Moonstrike (S 1) Dirty Bandaid
Danja Harbour dAlliez (S 1) Radio Carbon
Danja Azeroth (S 1) Cloth
Danja Botanic Islands (S 1) Potato
Danja Skye Elgol (S 1) Dirty Bandaid
Danja GermanFur3 (S 2) Carbon
Danja ASAKUSA 108 (S 2) Cloth
Danja Earl Island (S 6) Hawthorn
Danja Earl Island (S 10) Lead
Danja Earl Island (S 9) Sticky Flower
Danja Earl Island (S 8) Sticky Flower
Danja Earl Island (S 7) Wiring
Danja Zafrira (S 5) Aloe
Danja Zafrira (S 13) Aloe
Danja Oyster Pond (S 2) Meat
Danja Oyster Pond (S 3) Sticky Flower
Danja Oyster Pond (S 4) Algae
Danja Oyster Pond (S 6) Wiring
Danja Bay D Etoile (S 10) Aloe
Danja Balance (S 8) Aloe
Danja Sinaburoe (S 16) Magnesium
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