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Assassin's Grid - AG Control Center (AGCC)

Gathering Resources
Gathering is a skill that allows you to collect resources available on a land. You may gather from your own land or steal from others. You can collect metals, herbs, food and chemicals from lands. Each land is rich in a particular resource, but can also yield other resources.

Knowledge to All
Although there was an economic meltdown, the enormous amount of knowledge passed through the social network kept everyone at an educational level playing field. Everyone knows how to make structures, necessities and other commodities with resources for self sustainability and trading purposes.

Crafting Station
As part of the AGCC, the Crafting Station enables players to construct structures needed for a new land or build the next desired item in the Market for gain of wealth. With crafting times non-existent, the crafters can instantly supply demands of lands and players. Crafting is critical and essential to your survivability in Assassin's Grid.

Trader's Post Market
The Market can be used to trade resources and other commodities with other players. Become a top monger on the leaderboards or sell extra commodities you don't need. Trade your way to a wealthy success; earn your right to monetary freedom.

Land Market
Buy and sell land for profit, siege land and sell for even larger profit for lands in high need to players.

Transmutation Market
Find a transmutation recipe that will help you build structures faster, or discover a rare recipe with a Transmutation Artifact that you could sell for a lot of money!

Land Management
The Land Management system is a great way to control the assets on your lands and keep an eye on any sieges or ambushes. A player can defend an attack against the land by recharging the shield and restocking supplies. Add structures to reinforce your lands and make it virtually impenetrable.


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