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Assassin's Grid - Economics

In the middle of all this fiasco, the world of finance went through a major overhaul. Shortly following the global economic meltdown of the world, the Postage Stamps and IOUs issued by the various world governments ended up being recognized by some hopeful folks and traders as a form of currency along with the remaining Dollar supply in the grid. Since money is no longer being printed or regulated, people have been using the Stamps and IOUs for their basic day-to-day needs. Some trading posts still believe in the use of the Dollar, which is now extremely rare and used to purchase unique and precious commodities and sometimes used as a backup currency. Some other trading posts only recognize Stamps and IOUs. People who were lucky enough to save Dollars are not easily willing to part with it.

Currency Exchange
Nu Karne Currency Exchange (NKCE) was established by the Curators of Nu Karne. The NKCE (pronounced as "nickie") is a place for players to exchange their currencies. Dollars can be converted to Stamps. Stamps can be converted to IOUs. However, neither Stamps nor IOUs can be converted to Dollars because the Dollars are no longer being printed and it's an extremely precious commodity.

Trader's Post Market
The Market can be used to sell the resources you harvest or purchase resources you need to craft structures and other commodities. Commodities are classified into five cause and effect classes:

  • Resources (such as water, coal, and metals) are harvested from lands you control or steal from. Resources are used in creation of necessities and other commodities.
  • Necessities (such as supplies and batteries) are needed to keep your land running properly and safely. For example, supplies will replenish your land's health and batteries make sure your land's shield is operational.
  • Structures (such as storage silos, bunkers and turrets) are needed to protect your land from inbound attackers, boosting its defenses, attacking enemies as they approach and automatically replenishing health and shield.
  • Siege Weapons (such as napalm charges and siege grenades) are needed to attack another player's land and structures.
  • Consumables (such as teas) are great means of support providing increased stats to give you an advantage in combat or resources.

Land Market
The Land Market hosts a variety of lands conquered by various factions in AG. Skillfully purchasing these lands can help you create a sovereignty (own all sectors of one land). By conquering land and purchasing land, you can gain land deeds at a faster rate than others. Or perhaps you are finding cheaper land deals that you can purchase to then turn around and sell to a player with a Buy Offer for profit! Visit the Land Market to purchase land. You can also Search Land for specifics such as lands rich in Silica or a specific land name incase you are working on building a sovereignty.

Transmutation Market
A Transmutation Artifact allows you to experiment and discover recipes to transmute one or more resources into another resource (this applies to ALL RESOURCES in the game including rare ones). Transmutations are helpful if you want to convert some abundant resources that you may have into the ones that you may need. There are various levels of transmutation recipes including common, rare and epic. The higher the quality of recipe the more resources you will receive on transmute; you may even get a nice chunk of change in the Transmutation Market if you place it for sale!

Accumulation and Uses of Currencies
There are several methods to get IOUs:

  • Harvest your controlled lands and sell the resources at the Market.
  • Steal resources from another player's land then sell at the Market.
  • Craft commodities and sell them at the Market.
  • Collect Hafta from your conquered lands on a daily basis.
  • Siege, conquer and sell land in the Land Market
  • Transmute recipes to sell in the market, or transmute the goods to sell
  • IOUs can be used for:
    • Purchasing commodities on the Market.
    • Purchasing certain weapons and armor at the Foundry.

Currently, there are two methods to get Stamps:
  • Exchanging from Dollars at the NKCE.
  • Kill most wanted players, their death is your monetary gain.
  • Stamps can be used for:
    • Purchasing an unowned land immediately without combat.
    • Purchasing unique and precious commodities.

There is one method to get Dollars:
  • The ones you managed to save before the world of finance fell apart.
  • The Dollar can be used for:
    • Purchasing weapons, drones and marks.


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