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Assassin's Grid
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Assassin's Grid - Combat

React Combat System (RCS)
Assassin's Grid features a radical new hybrid combat system, the React Combat System (RCS) with both real time FPS and focused targeting elements without entirely relying on one or the other. Best of both worlds really. Real time combat will dictate which mode is better suited at different times during an encounter. While in certain situations Mouse-look FPS mode will allow for better accuracy and range, it may also limit you to entirely rely on that while facing a skilled opponent with strong mental skills who can cloud your vision and accuracy. A battle hardened Slayer with massive physical and melee skills may also have to rethink strategy if a trained Assassin sniper or gunner has a position advantage. Sorry 'boom head-shot' fans, you may now have to deal with a whole new breed of enemies. This system allows you to make precise and calculated attacks. You can also bolster your defenses strategically and not be confined by Random Number Generator as much. Its not just a +/- hit point game but features new stats that change in real time based on your performance and your opponent's performance. Doesn't mean its astronomically hard, just allows better edge for strategic thinking over button mash or power-play. Also there is friendly fire in this game so watch where you point your guns!

Fast FPS Combat
Combat in Assassin's grid is relatively quicker and faster paced than most other games in SL or RL as a matter of fact. This game puts you right in the middle of action on demand. If you know what you are doing you will take your enemy down fast or defend yourself from an ambush. Combat is short, and thrilling, so you can eliminate any threats fairly quick and continue on with your primary mission; much shorter than2 paladins fighting really... Anyways, knowing when to admit defeat and escape is another element that is key to this game. Focus of the game is more on conquering land and harvesting resources strategically rather than just blind player vs player fights.

Fight against the land!
If you come across a land already owned by another player, wage war on it! Attack its communication lines, supply silos and defensive barriers to take control of the land from the previous leader. Strategize your siege operation carefully as certain structures may fight back or alert the other player your hostile actions. You may need a team to take down a land which is actively healed by the land owner.

When you die you get disabled and put in a recovery state for a certain amount of time before you can rejoin the combat. Dying is very different than any other game. You can actually play a mini game of death when you die. You get to pick a fate of your death, which allows you to choose from about a thousand ways to die. Your recovery time depends on your fate. You may even get instant recovery if you are lucky or a longer recovery time if unlucky. If you get killed while trying to conquer a land you will have to start the claiming process over again, so hope you get lucky on your fate!

Grid Events
Grid events are a great way to jump right into the middle of action. Worldwide event notifications are sent to all players when a major event, assassination or achievement has occurred. Grid events are also posted when a player threatens to invade a land, posting a challenge to all other players to fight back if they have the guts!


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