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Assassin's Grid - Backstory

Nu Karne 2028 A.D. (The Dark Revolution subsides)
Eight years have past since the Dark Revolution that changed our world. A massive public outcry to overthrow the corrupt governments of the world. Defined as a series of anti-government events that ended in total chaos and anarchy. World governments have disbanded and humanity has fallen into the hands of organized gangs such as Slayers, Assassins and Deathstalkers.

It all began with the explosion of Anarchy 69, a popular social network of the early 21st century. This social network allowed people to connect in a billion ways, share political information and public opinions at a monumental rate. People were able to coordinate massive world wide anti-government movements that went viral and millions of people soon followed leading to small bursts of violence that fueled a chain reaction of events. Within a matter of days the entire Grid was engulfed in a violent debacle and someone resorted to the use of Napalm and chemical warfare to control the crowd.

In the middle of all this fiasco, the world of finance went through a major overhaul. Shortly following the global economic meltdown of the world in 2012 A.D., the Postal Stamps and IOUs issued by the various world governments ended up being recognized by some hopeful folks and traders as a form of currency along with the remaining Dollar supply in the grid. Since money is no longer being printed or regulated, people have been using the Stamps and IOUs for their day to day basic needs. Some trading posts still believe in the use of the Dollar, which is now extremely rare and used to purchase unique and precious commodities and often used as a backup currency. Some other trading posts only recognize Stamps and IOUs.

Needless to say that the movement turned into mutiny, mutiny turned into world wide civil war. Millions ended up dead, millions wounded and millions were rendered homeless. All the governments of the world disbanded and every man, woman and child was left on their own. The world, which we now refer to as 'The Grid' has gone through a major shift in power and finances. There are no more laws and there are no rules. There is only pandemonium and chaos. Crimes and killings are on the rise.

To live, now you must gather and claim whatever resources are left on the Grid.

While you may think the world of 2028 is far advanced, it is in-fact under regression. The economic meltdown of the early 21st century hit the world pretty hard putting science and technology at a standstill. Popular weapon choices of these times are submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, martial art weapons, melee weapons and siege weapons. A hidden ancient Secret Society(Guptavidya) surfaced during these troubled times and attempted to restore order by making an alliance with the gangs of Slayers, Deathstalkers and Assassins. The followers of Guptavidya are also commonly known as Curators. This alliance was called the Alliance of the Factions. As part of this alliance the Curators trained the factions in various combat arts and technologies. Inlcluding but not limited to hypnosis, levitation and telekinesis. Only the Curators hold the technology to alter human DNA and inject super human traits such as healing powers and enhanced reflexes. While resurrection technology is still under works, a recently deceased target can be revived using this work in progress Curator Technology.


Legend of the Dreadlord, the Father of resurrection!
Cape Comorin, 1968 A.D, the southernmost tip of India, where three seas meet: the Bay of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian sea. Siddhartha Sarcon a brilliant young genetic scientist makes a world changing discovery utilizing a tribal DNA from an unknown tribe, that possessed hidden genetic code for rapid cellular mitosis (healing process and growth). In other words, the art of altering DNA to infuse super human abilities. Within mere days his research was discovered by the Guptavidya Secret society ( Curators). This secret society collected paranormal information and advanced technologies and kept it safe from the prying eyes. The Curators abducted Sarcon and his wife Maya to prevent this technology falling into the wrong hands. Sarcon was kept in a secured lab for several years where they used his thesis to conduct several gene altering experiments to create controlled super human traits. DNA injectors and radiating Marks were a result of these experiments. Being in protective custody for several years, Sarcon went into a state of dementia and injected himself and his wife with dangerous and unknown DNA fragments and radiated chips. As a result, Maya went into cardiac arrest and died on the spot. Sarcon, on the other hand ended up getting super human traits. Sarcon blamed his mental state and death of his wife on the Curators and declared his vendetta on the Curators.

When the Dark Revolution hit the world, Sarcon found the opportunity to break free and went into hiding for 50 years, where he engineered 3 super natural minions, Xarona, Lothaar and Justicar. With the current state of the world, the Curators decided to recruit an army and arm them with the best possible DNA enhancers, chips and weapons. The army of the Factions. The Curators hoped to restore order to the world. An idea that was noble as first, turned into even more chaos and bloodshed. The Curators went into a secure place in the outer-space and controlled the grid remotely. Sarcon has surfaced from hiding and is determined to destroy our world. Regardless of the injustice that was perpetrated against Sarcon, he is a threat that must be eliminated. He must fall to the army of the factions! Good luck!


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