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Assassin's Grid - Get Started

How To Get Started
Register with AssassinsGrid.com and create your avatar in Second Life. Go ahead and log into your Second Life viewer. Familiarize yourself with the software if you aren't an expert already!
Preferred game settings are:

  • Edit Preferences -> Web -> Use built-in web browser
  • Edit Preferences -> Web -> Accept cookies from sites
Now you need to link your AssassinsGrid Account to your Second Life avatar.
You first need your AssassinsGrid Welcome Kit! Pick your desired faction "Welcome Kit" from the SL Marketplace or City of Nu Karne. Refer to the Character Creation section for help with choosing your faction and the right HUD.

The Welcome Kit
Once you have picked up your Welcome Kit that includes a faction HUD and some welcome items. You will see them it in your inventory by clicking the inventory button on your viewer. Go ahead and equip the HUD by Right Clicking the HUD in your inventory and choosing "Wear" from the drop down menu.
Included items in the Welcome Pack

  • Specific Faction HUD (Heads Up Display)
  • Mark of the Curator (Basic Attribute enhancer)
  • Crosshairs
  • Consumable Tea Cups
  • Basic Siege Weapons (Hand Grenade and Napalm Bottle Bomb)
  • Basic Weapons

Account Linking
You are ready to play once you have equipped your [AG] Player HUD. So go ahead and equip your HUD now. If your account is not yet linked it will prompt you for a registration code. You can get this registration code from your account activation email or by logging into your newly created account. enter this registration code in chat and within a few seconds your account will be linked and ready to play.
Once your account is already linked you are ready to enjoy all aspects of the game!

Controlling Your Character
The controls available to your character are:

  • W-A-S-D keys to control your character's movement
  • C or Page Down keys to lock onto nearby targets and cycle through nearby targets.
  • 'M' to go into FPS Mouselook mode.
  • Left Mouse Click or clicking the attack button on your HUD performs a weapon attack (a weapon must be equipped)

Understanding the Basic Buttons on Your HUD
PVP Button: This button tells you if you are engaged in combat with another player(aggressed). If this button is red then that if you detach your HUD or teleport you will automatically surrender to them. Once a certain amount of time has passed since the last attack this button will turn gray meaning it is now safe to teleport away. can attack you.

  • Attack button: This button attacks your opponent (s) with your weapon.
  • Skill buttons: Skill buttons are covered in detail in the User Interface section.
  • Land Management Buttons: Land management buttons are covered in detail in the User interface section.

The targeting system in this game is quite unique. It blends in elements of FPS(First person shooter), TPS(Third person shooter) and Focus Fire(RPG Target locking) together with specific advantages and disadvantages. Toggling through combat modes is a key aspect of this game. You cannot rely on a single mode at all times. This gives player a strategic decision to make on when to choose a particular kind of combat targeting mode.

The target system allows for the following:

  • Target Locking mode: While you can aim and shoot by clicking your mouse button. You can focus all your fire on one player by pressing the C or Page Down key (Focus fire) to "lock" onto them. Once focus fire is enabled by pressing C or Page Down, all your weapon and physical attacks will be made against that player depending on your accuracy. You can disable target locking by clicking the targeting window on your HUD. Once Focus Fire is disabled, you can shoot or attack anyone in front of you and within your aiming reticle governed by your accuracy attribute which will be discussed later. Toggling focus fire OFF may come in handy when fighting multiple players at the same time where you need to switch quickly between targets or ON for picking out your target hiding within a bunch of enemies. Only weapon and physical attacks can be made when Focus Fire is turned OFF. To perform Mental Attacks your target must be locked.
  • FPS mode: You can go under Mouselook mode by pressing 'M'. Doing this activates FPS mode. FPS mode allows for more accuracy and range with ballistic weapon based attacks but limits you on using mental or physical attacks or any healing abilities. This mode is affective in sniping and range weapon combat. Most effective in tactical and group battles where you are not taking direct enemy fire.
  • Third person Mode (Toggle your mouselook by pressing M to go into this mode. All abilities(Evasive,Healing and Resting) and attacks (Weapon, Physical and Mental) are available under this mode. However weapon damage is slightly reduced. This mode is most affective in fast paced 'one-on-one' or close range fights when you have to constantly keep yourself healed and use evasive and mental abilities. This mode is the most commonly used combat targeting mode.

Your First Days in the Grid
This game has several ways to throw you into the middle of action right away! It 's like learning how to swim before walking by being thrown into the pool. So if you are seeking action right away, this is the game for you. You will never know what lies ahead, one moment you could be peacefully gathering and crafting another moment you could be in the middle of an invasion or an ambush.

Things you should do:

  • You should explore new regions in SL(Second Life).
  • Understand how the MAP and MAP Search works. To search a region you can utilize the MAP Search feature of your SL Viewer.
  • You can type the name of a region you are looking for and click teleport to go there.
  • You can also search for regions by key words in the search tab of your viewer.
  • Another way to find new lands is by inspecting player profiles and going under their "picks" option.
  • You can also utilize our "Land Search" page to find lands owned by other players. However any unclaimed lands need to be discovered and claimed before it will appear in our database.
  • There are several ways you can find new unclaimed territory its only a matter of time that you master them all and rule the game!
  • Claim a few lands by using the stamps bonus provided to you as a sign on bonus.
  • Learn how to manage the lands you own. Namely, adding of supplies, gathering, constructing structures etc.
  • Familiarize yourself with factions and faction skills.
  • Understand Lands, Siege Operations and Claiming.
  • Invite other friends to join the game and practice combat.
  • Don't hesitate to join global "grid events" are start your path towards being the ultimate player! Don't be scared to take on a global challenge from another player.
  • Claim lands by force!

Things to keep in mind:
  • Remember Land is power. It is your road to advancement. The more lands you conquer and hold on to. The more powerful you will become.
  • With great power comes great responsibility, remember that while you can gain immense power by conquering new lands, that same power can be lost if you don't maintain and manage your lands. You have to make sure that your lands are strong enough to withstand an attack from another player or a group of players long enough for you and your army to fend them off. However, sometimes you are faced against a more powerful enemy and defending your land might not be such an easy task. For those times, search for new unclaimed land begins.
  • Network lag. When teleporting into a new region, give yourself a couple of minutes of 'loading time'. Most regions load within 1-2 minutes so be patient.
  • Courtesy, remember you have the power but a little courtesy goes a long way.


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