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Assassin's Grid - Land Ownership

Land is Power
The more land you have, the harder you are to kill, the harder you will hit. Each land owned increases your rank, health and damage bonus. The larger your empire, the more unbreakable you become. Your growing empire also allows you to increase your chances at gathering rare resources as each land is rich in a particular resource. Collect all sectors of a land to build a Sovereignty. Each Sovereignty built makes all those sectors immune (invincible) to all siege damage from siege grenades/launcher and napalm.

Claiming an unclaimed land may seem easy, but think again! You may have found an unclaimed land, choosing "Claim by Force" posts a challenge to all players across the Grid informing them of your action so be prepared! Another way to claim a land is by choosing "Claim by Finance" and the land instantly becomes yours!

Adding Protection and Strength to your Empire
Once you own a land, add structures to protect your land from entering the grasp of a hostile player. Keeping Storage Silos, Control Towers and other structures installed on the land, it will be very hard for someone to take down your land. In most cases you may be able to defend an attack on your land by merely re-stocking your supplies and batteries on the land. Supplies are used to repair the damage done to the land and batteries can re-charge the shield. In some cases you may have to take on your enemies face to face, old school, gun to the face style! Make sure you have backup incase it's an organized team operation.

The following are the available structures to add to each of your lands (all are craftable):

  • Storage Silo: Automatically repairs land's health (consumes Supplies) when land is hit by siege damage. This will not repair the structures.
  • Control Tower: Notifies the land owner of any hostile actions performed on the land (such as resource stealing or damage).
  • Fortress: If the land is destroyed, it will continue to stay in the name of the owner until the Fortress is destroyed.
  • Turret: Deals damage to hostile attackers.
  • Arc Reactor: Recharges the land's shield (consumes Batteries).
  • Bunker: Reduces all damage done to land by 50%.

Losing Land
You can lose a land if you are unable to defend your land against an attack made by another player. Remember, it is not easy to take down another player's land and there are several methods by which you can reinforce your land with crafted items such as Fortresses, Bunkers and Turrets. With great power comes great responsibility. While you continue to build your empire, you also have to manage and defend your assets. If an attack is made against your land and you do not have the resources to defend it you will lose the land and lose your status and power.


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