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Assassin's Grid - Game Features

Object of the Game
Conquer. Gather. Rebuild. Destroy. Object of the game is actually 'finding the object of the game by exploration'. If you like exploring different new regions, this is the game for you. Make it count!

While you can conquer and claim any available land and gain more power and ranks to brag to your friends about, you also have to defend your assets and keep them safe from the prying eyes.


  • Fast-paced and unique player vs. player combat.
  • Advanced attributes, never seen before in any game.
  • Explore and conquer the large array of land. Beware! Other players may try to stop you in the process.
  • Build your own empire gaining status, power and wealth.
  • Siege operations - wage war and attack others' lands!
  • Gather resources from your own land, or STEAL from other lands.
  • Assassin's Grid Command Center (AGCC) - Manage your lands, trade on the Market, and craft instantly.
  • Construct structures to protect and boost your land.
  • Become the most wanted player dead, become a mercenary, or add a bounty to others at the Bounty Office.
  • Achieve power and status at the top of the leaderboards.
  • Live your life as a master trader and bargainer. Skillfully watching supply and demand curves and buying and selling resources, necessities, transmutation recipes, and land.
  • Unlimited supply of armor created by you or other gear crafters.
  • Collect achievement badges while you kill, conquer land, gather resources and craft.
  • Real-time events broadcasted, such as kills, achievements and land claiming.
  • Master the four arts of combat: mental, physical, weapon and siege.
  • Conquer PvP Warzone and earn rewards!
  • Transmute resources into rare resources to aid your sovereignty building or profit gaining in the Market.

How is this game different from others?

  • Unique combat system.
  • Dynamic world events.
  • No level grinding.
  • Gear stays intact upon death.
  • Gather without running to "nodes".
  • Instant crafting times.
  • No build enabled required.
  • No combat sims required.
  • Customizable gear.
  • Combat against another player's land.

Character Stats and Attributes
Primary stats include: Health, Energy, Accuracy. Your health and energy are both increased every time you conquer a new land. The regeneration rates of all primary stats can be boosted with gear and buffs.

Primary attributes include: Bolster, Reflexes, Hope, Brawl, Armor, Concentration and Steadfast. Your Brawl is increased every time you conquer a new land. Marks and buffs can increase any variety of these attributes. Buffs, such as teas, can be purchased from crafters of Assassin's Grid. However, Marks can only be purchased from Nu Karne or the Item Store.

  • Steadfast: Provides reliability and consistency in your damage and healing output.
  • Reflexes: Increases the chance you will evade incoming attacks. NOTE: Assassins get 1% more Reflexes
  • Block: Increases the amount of damage you mitigate when you use your Block ability. NOTE: Deathstalkers get 1% more Block
  • Hope: Increases the amount you heal with your Heal ability.
  • Brawl: Increases your damage output with physical and weapon abilities. NOTE: Slayers get 1% more Brawl
  • Armor: Reduces incoming damage.
  • Concentration: Effects the rate of which accuracy is gained or lost,

Armor, Marks and Weapons
Armor can be purchased from Nu Karne, Item Store, or can be designed by other gear crafters (builders). Armor is not limited to character slots, meaning if you want to wear a hat instead of shoulder armor with the same benefits, you can do so.

Marks can be obtained by purchasing from Nu Karne or Item Store. Marks are of different types such as Mark of the Curator, Mark of the Slayer, etc.

Weapons can be purchased from Nu Karne or Item Store. Weapons carry two attribute enhancers: Concentration and Brawl. There are three types of weapons:

  • Melee weapons such as swords, scythes, axes, etc.
  • Ballistic weapons such as pistols, rifles, submachine guns, etc.
  • Siege weapons such as grenade launchers and napalm guns.


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