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City of Nu Karne
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Assassin's Grid - The City of Nu Karne
<<< Teleport to City of Nu Karne >>>

The City
Through the chaos and divisions of the world, neutrality is found in Nu Karne. The city allows factions to trade with each other through the Trader's Post Market, upgrade gear in the Weapons Factory and check out the Most Wanted list. Entertainment, such as movies and dancing, are found in the city along with multiple chill zones. Find an isolated building to plan sieges or host a celebration party.

The curators of Nu Karne brighten the spirits of the town with seasonal decor and specialty items even though the weather isn't all so bright. Keep an eye out for the rare items as the seasons approach! Whispered rumors have spread along the Grid that a casino is in the works, but are they true?

Dueling Arena
Although fighting is not allowed directly in the city, on the outskirts lies an area for dueling to take place. Beware of the sharp edges which stop abruptly, cutting into the sewers.

Bounty Office
The bounty office allows you to place bounties on other players. The Most Wanted players, ones with the highest bounties, will be posted in the city. If you kill a player who has a bounty, you will receive that reward.

There are multiple reasons you may want to add a bounty to a player:

  • Player is continually trying to destroy your lands.
  • You just don't like the player; paying for mercenaries to hunt and destroy him is awesome.
  • Player is above you in rank on the Top Kills Leaderboard. Getting them killed may help bring up your rank.
  • Just because placing a bounty on your friend or loved one is an evil fun!


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