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Assassin's Grid - Buddy Program

How to Refer a Buddy
Log into your AssassinsGrid Account and go to My Profile Page. Click the "Invite a Friend" image to open your public profile. Share your public profile to your friends via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, etc. When your friend visits your public profile and they click "JOIN NOW" image, their registration will automatically link you with your friend.

Referral Rewards and Benefits
When your friend is successfully registered, they can claim the following rewards from Referral Desk @ City of Nu Karne:

As a referrer, you will receive the following benefits:
  • Every Hafta collection your friend completes, you receive bonus IOU on your next Hafta collection. Log in and visit My Referrals Page to view more info.
  • Every time your friend activates an [AG] Game Card, you receive bonus Stamps immediately.

Start referring friends NOW. The more you refer the bigger your benefits! It PAYS to have friends!

How to Get Referred
If you are a prospective player and are looking to be referred by an [AG] player, you may ask them for their profile link or browse the Leaderboards for the big hitters! Once you have the profile link, click the "JOIN NOW" image and register to become automatically linked with that player.

How to Earn Lifetime Hafta

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