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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
HighShadow Wetheral (S 1) Magnesium
HighShadow Keauhou Beach (S 1) Silica
HighShadow Isle of Roy (S 1) Meat
HighShadow IMPISH FELICITY (S 1) Radio Carbon
HighShadow Prime Material (S 1) Palladium
HighShadow Bondar (S 1) Coal
HighShadow Porto Cervo (S 1) Iron
HighShadow Minchau (S 1) Silica
HighShadow Moonfall (S 1) Meat
HighShadow Bun Shik (S 1) Mercury
HighShadow Sanguis Vita (S 1) Silica
HighShadow Inish Sui (S 1) Iron
HighShadow 0 0 Meleda (S 1) Quartz
HighShadow Raziel Vesperia (S 1) Radio Carbon
HighShadow Auric (S 1) Geochemical
HighShadow ROYAL Beach (S 1) Quartz
HighShadow Potala (S 1) IOU
HighShadow Foxwood (S 1) Algae
HighShadow Queensland Gold Coast (S 1) Iron
HighShadow Morning Twilight (S 1) Sage
HighShadow Pernam (S 1) Depleted Uranium
HighShadow Omurice (S 1) Sage
HighShadow Clothes (S 1) Sticky Flower
HighShadow Farstone (S 1) Sage
HighShadow Lourdes Island (S 1) Coal
HighShadow Forest Key (S 1) Hawthorn
HighShadow Itazipco (S 1) Wiring
HighShadow Luxury Resort (S 1) Aloe
HighShadow Prefab Houses (S 1) Sticky Flower
HighShadow Penrith (S 1) Sticky Flower
HighShadow South Sea Isle (S 1) Sage
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