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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
JessRiederer Akaesha (S 1) Water Part of Sovereignty
JessRiederer LE LOOK (S 1) Wiring
JessRiederer Hyles (S 1) Aloe
JessRiederer Streams (S 1) Sticky Flower
JessRiederer Skinny Dip Inn (S 1) Hawthorn
JessRiederer India (S 1) Nitrate
JessRiederer Pengo Domino (S 1) Cloth
JessRiederer Korea1 (S 1) Aloe
JessRiederer Firenda (S 1) Spice
JessRiederer Liberty Central W (S 1) Algae
JessRiederer Columbia (S 1) Mercury
JessRiederer Knot (S 1) Aloe
JessRiederer Spank (S 1) Hawthorn
JessRiederer Zinalrothorn (S 1) Meat
JessRiederer Cecropia (S 1) Lead
JessRiederer Bellia (S 1) Hawthorn
JessRiederer Snatch City (S 1) Radio Carbon
JessRiederer Vacation Island (S 1) Carbon
JessRiederer Lockdale (S 1) Water
JessRiederer Pheosia (S 1) Radio Carbon
JessRiederer Electra (S 1) Cloth
JessRiederer Aozora (S 1) Nitrate
JessRiederer Anian (S 1) Dirty Bandaid
JessRiederer Boom (S 1) Iron
JessRiederer Cisthene (S 1) Palladium
JessRiederer Nuku Iva (S 1) Nitrate
JessRiederer Kilo Island (S 1) Iron
JessRiederer Hibdon (S 1) Palladium
JessRiederer Lockwood (S 1) Lead
JessRiederer Santa Rosa (S 1) Algae
JessRiederer Blue Hound (S 1) Mercury
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