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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
Mistq Mockery (S 1) Coal
Mistq Hoch (S 1) Mercury
Mistq Junghee (S 1) IOU
Mistq Karamoon 1 (S 1) Iron
Mistq Bit Bat Bot (S 1) Stamp
Mistq Morken (S 1) Sticky Flower
Mistq Annyong (S 1) Iron
Mistq Seosan (S 1) Iron
Mistq Nonsan (S 1) Geochemical
Mistq Real Trees Rocks (S 1) Hawthorn
Mistq Lupoff (S 1) Geochemical
Mistq Sea Starr (S 1) Quartz
Mistq Serena Victoria (S 1) Magnesium
Mistq Maquis (S 1) Iron
Mistq Lappet (S 1) Aloe
Mistq Pini (S 1) Sage
Mistq Triple Jump (S 1) Spice
Mistq Mallorca (S 1) Coal
Mistq Qee West (S 1) Wiring
Mistq Amorissa (S 1) Quartz
Mistq Agrius (S 1) Sage
Mistq Escape Artist (S 1) Coal
Mistq Blackberry Island (S 1) Mercury
Mistq Lucienne (S 1) Aloe
Mistq Mostly Beatrice (S 1) Coal
Mistq Reesta (S 1) Cloth
Mistq Terra Promessa (S 1) Radio Carbon
Mistq Versage (S 1) Silica Part of Sovereignty
Mistq Versage 1 (S 1) Potato Part of Sovereignty
Mistq Koti (S 1) Water
Mistq Tulsa Time (S 1) Cloth
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