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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
Requiem Winters Run (S 1) IOU
Requiem Rouge Forest (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Chakryn (S 1) Stamp
Requiem !! Vision of Dreams (S 1) !! Mercury
Requiem Lost Angles (S 1) Depleted Uranium
Requiem Skerry of Einar (S 1) Depleted Uranium
Requiem Red Sun Bay (S 1) Geochemical
Requiem Novarez (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Germania Nightlife (S 1) Limestone
Requiem SLingHokuriku (S 1) Aloe
Requiem !! Serena Monte Carlo (S 1) !! Algae
Requiem Moondance Islands (S 1) Sage
Requiem Global Condo Center (S 1) Geochemical
Requiem Persephone Isle (S 1) Meat
Requiem Aruba Island (S 1) Coal
Requiem The Arkansas Ozarks (S 1) Depleted Uranium
Requiem Exotica (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Siesta Beach (S 1) Aloe
Requiem Allana (S 1) Meat
Requiem Bytenix (S 1) Water
Requiem Legendary Land (S 1) Spice
Requiem Veiryn (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Emilia (S 1) Carbon
Requiem FYC Complex (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Silver Shard (S 1) Silica
Requiem Axcombe (S 1) Quartz
Requiem Pleiablo (S 1) Depleted Uranium
Requiem Locksley (S 1) Sticky Flower
Requiem Demien (S 1) Magnesium
Requiem Skylark (S 1) Palladium
Requiem Calivigny Island (S 1) Aloe
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