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Assassin's Grid - Grid Search Results
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NOTE: If land name has !! it is currently under attack or damaged.
Land Conquered By Land Name (Sector #) Rich Resource Structures Installed
RogueAssassin SLeek (S 1) Nitrate
RogueAssassin Natsumeku (S 1) Lead
RogueAssassin Blacksilk Forrest (S 1) Quartz
RogueAssassin Hauwai (S 1) Lead
RogueAssassin Scribble (S 1) Coal
RogueAssassin Acque Del Cuore (S 1) Silica
RogueAssassin Zen Destani (S 1) Mercury
RogueAssassin Diesel (S 1) Lead
RogueAssassin Fontaine (S 1) Mercury
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 1) Silica
RogueAssassin Sedna (S 1) Limestone
RogueAssassin Thule Bay (S 1) IOU
RogueAssassin Lusca (S 1) Geochemical
RogueAssassin Mythago (S 1) Lead
RogueAssassin Xuxorr (S 1) Iron
RogueAssassin Lemongrass (S 1) IOU
RogueAssassin Leonhard (S 1) Water
RogueAssassin ESSDACK Island (S 1) Spice
RogueAssassin Yuliman (S 1) Magnesium
RogueAssassin Domina Island (S 1) Magnesium
RogueAssassin Good Island (S 1) Carbon
RogueAssassin JC Constructions (S 1) Nitrate
RogueAssassin Tiger (S 1) Wiring
RogueAssassin Selene (S 1) Stamp
RogueAssassin Statuesque (S 1) Wiring
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 16) Geochemical
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 14) Radio Carbon
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 13) Water
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 12) Nitrate
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 11) Nitrate
RogueAssassin Tumblebrutus (S 2) Geochemical
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