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Bands of Cypher Elementalist
Yumi is a creature that resides in the nether of 5 elements! Bands of Cypher is a game featuring the digital pet, Yumi. Unlock the Bands of Cypher and discover rare species from another dimension! Over 18 Million combinations of genetic traits including Skin coats, eyes, hair, bio-luminescence, wings and wing colors. A Yumi is intelligent, self sufficient and does not need food. It derives its functional energy from the elements. Bands of Cypher is based on an award-winning mathematical puzzle designed by Cytherion Revnik who is not only a well-known pioneer in Second Life, but a well-known entrepreneur in the information technology world. We all love puzzles and we all love pets. Let us put them together and create something wonderful!
[AG] Genetic Engineer
Genetic Engineering is a 4 part process of crafting advanced DNA enhancers: 1- Gathering (collect gene samples) 2- Gene splicing (sift through the strands to find the right codons) 3- Recombination (put the codons at the right places) 4- Processing and Finalization (process in the lab to create super human DNAs) Genetic Engineering minigame tests your visual and forward planning abilities. The better you perform the better DNA you will craft. Game Puzzle designed by SL genius and mensa member, Cytherion Revnik
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