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Assassin's Grid - FAQ
FAQ Categories
  1. What is Assassin's Grid?
  2. Can I play for FREE?
  3. How do I get started?
  4. Do I have to pick a faction?
  5. Do I need to use armor and weapons made for Assassin's Grid?
  6. Are there bosses with loot in the game?
  7. I don't like PvP or combat, are there other activities in AG?
  8. What is Crafting like in AG?
  9. Are there teams or guilds in this game?
  10. What happens when I die?
  11. How do I advance in the game?
  12. RULES for Assassin's Grid
  13. Technical Questions

I don't like PvP or combat, are there other activities in AG?
You can play it as a trader or a civilian by gathering resources and replenishing lands of your friends or other traders. You can harvest resources and craft supply crates and turn them into the trading post for money. The more resources you gather or replenish the higher you will be on trader leader-boards. Additionally, items will be introduced in the game which will allow you to gather better resources at a much faster rate.

In addition to gathering this game allows traders and gatherers to make use of the supply and demand curves at the trading posts.


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