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Assassin's Grid - FAQ
FAQ Categories
  1. What is Assassin's Grid?
  2. Can I play for FREE?
  3. How do I get started?
  4. Do I have to pick a faction?
  5. Do I need to use armor and weapons made for Assassin's Grid?
  6. Are there bosses with loot in the game?
  7. I don't like PvP or combat, are there other activities in AG?
  8. What is Crafting like in AG?
  9. Are there teams or guilds in this game?
  10. What happens when I die?
  11. How do I advance in the game?
  12. RULES for Assassin's Grid
  13. Technical Questions

RULES for Assassin's Grid
The game runs on a universal rule of courtesy. While there is cut throat competition for land, you still have to be careful about harassing other players and non players.

Follow the rules of the tier payers on the sims. They are called Curators in the role playing sense of the game. Curators are peace loving ancient masters of unknown origin who have the special powers to stop you from entering a land, no matter how powerful you may be. We don't know where they came from or what they are. Some think they are descendants of the lost civilization of Aryans. They normally will leave you alone but if harassment and atrocity gets out of hand, they may intervene.

  1. Follow the guidelines of the SIMs you choose to play on.
  2. Be courteous to sim owners and non players. Do not approach them to solicit them to play the game or for any other reason game related.
  3. Do not fight or post a challenge inside resident's homes. There are plenty of areas available on a sim where combat or a challenge can take place. Please find an area on the sim that is away from residential homes.
  4. Attacking other players in public areas is allowed however when requested to leave by the land owner or a member of management or if objected by any Resident currently present on the SIM, you must immediately move to a new spot or new sim regardless of the state of the challenge timer or aggression timer.
  5. The only acceptable form of air combat is firing a weapon while falling mid air from an object or terraform already present on the sim, for example from top of a building or a hill. Rezzing of prims other than the ones already present on the sim on terrain or mid air during combat is not allowed.
  6. Laggy megaprim attachments are not allowed.
  7. Invisible avatars are not allowed.
  8. Use of non AG vehicles is currently not allowed.
  9. Use of RP(Role play) is not required but recommended. While you may play the game OOC (Out of character), please respect the game play of players who are playing in Character. Use of theatrical or strong / unkind verbage befitting the theme of the game is allowed in Charactar (but only on Mature Sims).If you are uncomfortable with another player; the safe word is 'Cookie' to request a player to break out of charactar. You may mute any avatar by using the SL viewer's MUTE function if they do not honor the safe word request. We are not responsible for any verbal harassment or abuse experienced by you. Please feel free to file an abuse report directly to Linden Labs in such matters.
  10. There are no refunds for any purchases but we may allow store credits in certain cases.
  11. Use of speed movers (moving faster than run/fly speed) or warpers(appearing in multiple locations quickly) or use of large prim attachments that cover most of your avatar is not allowed. Use of invisible or small avatars is not allowed in combat.


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