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Assassin's Grid - FAQ
FAQ Categories
  1. What is Assassin's Grid?
  2. Can I play for FREE?
  3. How do I get started?
  4. Do I have to pick a faction?
  5. Do I need to use armor and weapons made for Assassin's Grid?
  6. Are there bosses with loot in the game?
  7. I don't like PvP or combat, are there other activities in AG?
  8. What is Crafting like in AG?
  9. Are there teams or guilds in this game?
  10. What happens when I die?
  11. How do I advance in the game?
  12. RULES for Assassin's Grid
  13. Technical Questions

Can I play for FREE?
Absolutely! It's part of the ReACT System. You pay when you want to pay. Bonus items, buff items, additional armor, weapons and skills can be purchased if you want to play hardcore but it doesn't hinder game-play. So go on and play :)

What is the Object of the Game?
To put it words, object of the game is actually 'finding the object of the game by exploration'. If you like exploring different new regions in SL, this is the game for you. Make it count!
While you can conquer and claim any available land(Sims) and gain more power and ranks to brag to your friends about, you also have to defend your assets and keep them safe from the prying eyes.

  • You can explore all around the grid and claim any 'unclaimed or unguarded land' (This is not the same as the person who pays the tiers, you become the land's imaginary leader in the world of Assassin's Grid). Once you claim more land, you become more powerful. Which means you make money faster, you hit harder and are harder and harder to kill!
  • Don't be surprised if someone tries to stop you in this process! You will encounter resistance from other players or army of the current leader of the land.
  • If the land you find, is already owned by someone else, you can choose to wage war and attack its communication lines, storage silos and defensive barriers to take control of the land from the previous leader; commonly known as a siege operation.
  • You can manage and make your lands stronger by storage silos, building control towers, arc reactors, fortresses, turrets, bunkers. When you make your land stronger it becomes harder to attack and you can prevent your resources from being stolen or even prevent losing your land to someone else! For instance you can plant a landmine that attacks and kills anyone trying to steal from your land!
  • You can build your empire! Owning and holding on to your empire is a symbol of power, status and skill. You gain publicly visible status and higher ranks as you control more regions and eventually be coined as the Conqueror of the world. With each rank you gain, you may unlock different gifts, prizes and rare items!
  • You or your friends can harvest resources from the land you conquer and gain more power,status and money!
  • Your friends can actually work for you by replenishing supplies and defenses on your lands. So the more friends you have as part of your army, the more powerful and hard to beat you become.
  • You can plan strategic sieges, add bounty to someones head or overthrow the ruler if you don't like them! For instance, you can bomb someone's land that do damage to their assets such as control towers, storage silos and defense camps.
  • You can designate a headquarter. Headquarters give additional boost to your power and status and are not easily conquered. In order for a player or team of players to take down your headquarter, they first have to assault and conquer your other lands to weaken your resources and power. Headquarters also allow you to mount turrets, use landmines and combat vehicles to prevent an assault on your land. Taking down another player's headquarters will gain extra status, points and power.
  • Last, but not the least! You can live your life as a master trader and bargainer. Skillfully watching supply and demand curves and buying and selling resources and necessities. You can also earn money as a hardworking gatherer by collecting and turning in resources for money!
The more you do, the higher rank and achievements you will accomplish! How for will you really go to keep your power?


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