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Assassin's Grid - Player Guide
Player Guide Categories
  1. How To Get Started
    ** Take me to the Crash Course instead! **
  2. Character Creation
  3. User Interface (HUD)
  4. Character Advancement
  5. Skills/Abilities
  6. Trade skills, Gathering, Crafting, Transmutation
  7. Genetic Engineering, BoC Elementalist
  8. Drones
  9. Consumables
  10. Factions and You
  11. Bounty Office
  12. How Do I Pick a Weapon?
  13. Combat: The Art of Destruction
  14. Siege Operations and Conquering Land
  15. Land Management & Sovereignty
  16. Grid Events and Boss Fights
  17. Teams, Team Buildings and Player Buildings
  18. PvP Warzone

Character Advancement
You can advance your character by increasing your stats and attributes.

  • Conquering Land: Each land increases your health points, energy, and damage.
  • Using Consumables: These provide temporary "buffs", boosting various stats/attributes.
  • Equipping Marks and Weapons: Permanent boosters for attributes.


  • Health Points (HP): Health Points are what keep you alive. When you run out of health points, you will die. Your opponents' damage abilities reduce your health points by varied amounts.
  • Energy: Energy is used to perform skills such as Block, Attack or Heal. Most skills require a varied amount of energy. Be careful not to run out in the middle of combat or you may become a sitting duck!
  • Accuracy: Accuracy is the measure of your "hit zone" or "reticle". With higher accuracy your hit zone or reticle becomes wider enabling you to hit more easily and effectively. Accuracy is also stat that enables you to make your next weapon attack more accurate. You gain accuracy by landing more and more hits on your target. You lose accuracy when you miss or when the target evades or dodges. Once you reach maximum accuracy your attacks result in a 'Critical Strike' dealing twice the damage of a normal hit. Accuracy is NOT a chance based stat. It is a skill based stat. It is based on how good you are at keeping your enemy at the center of your reticle when in mouselook or in the center of your screen facing you in 3rd person view. If you miss or your opponent evades, your accuracy goes down. But it can be quickly built up by landing more and more attacks by being accurate.

Regeneration Rates
HP and Energy both have regeneration rates, also known as "regen". The regeneration rates for HP and Energy will gain back any HP/Energy lost during game play. For example, let's say you lost 20 health and 40 energy in combat. If your HP and Energy regeneration rates are low, you will gain health and energy slowly back to full. However, with better gear and buffs, you could increase your regeneration rates and have a faster recovery time. NOTE: Players do not have any base regen. You can use/equip regeneration consumables and gear. You can also rely on your "Rest" skill to boost your regeneration.


  • Bolster (Block Value)
  • Reflexes (Chance to Dodge)
  • Hope (Healing Modifier)
  • Brawl (Damage Modifier)
  • Armor (Armor Mitigation)
  • Concentration (Accuracy Modifier)
  • Steadfast (Consistency in Damage/Healing Output)

Base Damage/Heal

  • Base Damage: Damage a player can do to your opponent if you do not have any buffs/gear/status giving you extra damage modifiers.
  • Base Heal: Amount of health you can heal if you do not have any buffs/gear/status giving you extra healing modifiers

Upgrading your Weapons and Marks
You can purchase any weapons and marks at anytime by using your L$ or Stamps. Some weapons may however require you to be of a certain faction or certain status first (coming soon). There is no "gear grind" in this game. Just the quest for power, fame and wealth! There is no end to how powerful you can become.


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