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Assassin's Grid - Player Guide
Player Guide Categories
  1. How To Get Started
    ** Take me to the Crash Course instead! **
  2. Character Creation
  3. User Interface (HUD)
  4. Character Advancement
  5. Skills/Abilities
  6. Trade skills, Gathering, Crafting, Transmutation
  7. Genetic Engineering, BoC Elementalist
  8. Drones
  9. Consumables
  10. Factions and You
  11. Bounty Office
  12. How Do I Pick a Weapon?
  13. Combat: The Art of Destruction
  14. Siege Operations and Conquering Land
  15. Land Management & Sovereignty
  16. Grid Events and Boss Fights
  17. Teams, Team Buildings and Player Buildings
  18. PvP Warzone

Whether you prefer to lead a team or be part of a team, it's a great way to create partnerships in Assassin's Grid. To create a team, log into AssassinsGrid.com and visit the Team Management page. If you would like to search current teams for recruitment, visit Teams List. Teams can have up to 5 members.

Teams also receive a Combat Rating which is determined by various statistics of all team members, calculated on a weekly basis: Total Lands Conquered/Owned, Total Kills, and Total Lands Destroyed.

Roles in a Team
As a leader, you are provided the following functions:

  • Edit Team News
  • Invite Player - Leader can invite multiple players, but each player can only have one pending invite.
  • Remove Player - Leader must check the 'Remove?' confirmation checkbox to remove player from team.
  • Allow a team member to invite other players
  • Leave team (this can only be performed once you have removed all team members).
As a team member, you are provided the following functions:
  • Invite Player - Only allowed if team leader has granted permission.
  • Leave team

Team Buildings
All team buildings have Ranks; each building needs a variety of materials to get to the next rank. These types of buildings provide a variety of buffs for all team members. As a team progresses through the ranks of a team building, the buff also becomes better. Every team member can deposit any number of materials to the building to help the team. NOTE: If a team member is removed or leaves a team any buffs gained from team buildings are removed as team building buffs only apply to team members.
Team Building Types:

  • Research Facility - Bonus Shield to all lands
  • Command Center - Bonus HP to all lands
  • Armory - Bonus Armor to all team members
NOTE: Team members who have Command Centers (CC) and Research Facilities (RF) will give a chance of JAMMING incoming attacks from a Missile Launcher for 30 minutes. The chance of jamming increases by a factor of 6% per level of RF or CC. If the attacker is not using a Missile System, the Command Center and Research Facility has a CHANCE to decrease incoming damage by 90% per level.
In order to receive the buff when your team has ranked up a team building, you will need to click the 'Buff' button at the bottom of the specific team building page. If the buff has not already been applied, it will apply the buff to you or your lands.

In order to see the buff applied, visit the Land Management page and view your lands to find the increased land HP and/or Shield (depending on which team building you have ranked up). If the team has increased the rank of the Armory, the Armor buff will be applied when the AG HUD is re-attached or the player relogs.

Player Buildings
All player buildings have Ranks; each building needs a variety of materials to get to the next rank. These types of buildings provide a variety of buffs for only the player. As a player progresses through the ranks of a player building, the buff also becomes better. Since these types of buildings are for the individual player and not a team, none of the buffs gained from player buildings can be removed.
Player Building Types:

  • Biolab - Bonus to Midnight Tea, Sour Power Tea, and Spicy Nicey Tea
  • Explosive Artillery Unit (EAU) - Bonus to Siege Grenade damage
  • Thermal Artillery Unit (TAU) - Bonus to Napalm Charge damage
Player building buffs are automatically applied. When the player drinks a tea, the tea will provide the appropriate regen based on the rank of the Biolab. The Siege and Napalm damage also can be used right when the player building is ranked up.

In order to see the buff applied, equip the tea, siege grenade/launcher, or napalm bottle/blaster and a message will be displayed of the rank that is available.


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