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Assassin's Grid - Player Guide
Player Guide Categories
  1. How To Get Started
    ** Take me to the Crash Course instead! **
  2. Character Creation
  3. User Interface (HUD)
  4. Character Advancement
  5. Skills/Abilities
  6. Trade skills, Gathering, Crafting, Transmutation
  7. Genetic Engineering, BoC Elementalist
  8. Drones
  9. Consumables
  10. Factions and You
  11. Bounty Office
  12. How Do I Pick a Weapon?
  13. Combat: The Art of Destruction
  14. Siege Operations and Conquering Land
  15. Land Management & Sovereignty
  16. Grid Events and Boss Fights
  17. Teams, Team Buildings and Player Buildings
  18. PvP Warzone

Siege Operations and Conquering Land
Siege operation can only be done on a land that is controlled by someone else. A siege operation is attacking and destroying a land's shield, land's hit points, and it's structures in order to overthrow the current conqueror of the land. You can see what structures are installed on the land by clicking the "Land Info" button at anytime. You will see yellow information icons on your HUD which load dynamically when you use "Land Info" button telling you the structures that are on that land. You can click each icon to learn what each of them do or to set your siege weapon to target that particular structure. See Land Management section for more information on land structures.

In order to undertake a siege operation, you first need 'Siege Weapons'. Siege weapons are of 2 types, one that deals SHIELD damage by consuming Napalm Charges and other one that deals STRUCTURE/LAND HEALTH damage by consuming Siege Grenades. Both Napalm Charges and Siege Grenades are craftable or can be purchased at the Trader's Market. You can find basic siege weapons in your welcome package or you can purchase advanced siege weapons from SL Marketplace or City of Nu Karne. Once you have equipped/worn the appropriate siege weapon, you can attack the land by clicking your "Attack" button on your HUD.

You will see the health or shield of the structure you are attacking. If your attack was done properly you will see these bars updating. Be advised that a land conqueror can have structures that have defensive capabilities such as counterattacking turrets, supply silos and reactors that automatically repair land damage and recharge land shields.

You have to make a strategic decision and adapt your siege strategy based on the structures installed on the land.

A land is considered destroyed if all 3 of these have happened:

  1. Land Shield has been destroyed by value dropping to 0 (As long as the land shield is active, you cannot damage the land's health.)
  2. Land Hit Points have reached 0 (Once the land's shield is gone you have to break through the land's hit points)
  3. If there was a Fortress installed on the land, Fortress must be destroyed before a land can be considered totally destroyed.

Once a land is destroyed, the current conqueror of the land is overthrown and it's open for anyone to claim it. A destroyed land can be claimed by clicking one of the 2 claim land operations (Claim Land by Force or Claim Land by Finance).

How to Perform a Siege Operation
There are a few things to consider when undertaking a siege operation:

  • Are there structures on the land? If so, what kind?
  • Each structure plays a different important role on a land. It is important to understand each role and find a strategy to take them down if they are installed.
  • How strong is the conqueror? Are you prepared to handle face-to-face?
  • There are weapons, marks, buffs, and other available items to help you win a battle. Choosing the best combination could mean the matter of life or death.

There are two types of weapons to use for a siege operation. Equip the appropriate siege weapon by Right-click -> Wear from your inventory.
  • Napalm Charges deal shield damage. They contaminate the land shield and the reactor, if installed on the land. Shield must be destroyed before any siege damage can be dealt to the land's health. If you chose Napalm weapon, it will be automatically set to deal land shield damage. Click the "Attack" button on your HUD to deal damage.
  • Siege grenades deal damage to a land's hit points and any structures, other than the reactor, installed on the land.
You can set your siege weapon to deal damage on a particular structure by clicking one of the yellow structure icons on your HUD. Your weapon can be reset to the default damage (either land's HP or Shield) by clicking on the "Attack Land" button. To select a land sector, wear your siege weapon then click Land Info on your AG HUD and click a number on the map.

Missile System is a powerful attack designed for expert Siegers and must be used wisely.

  • You must level Thermal Artillery Unit (TAU) to maximum level before operating this device. You can level your TAU under "My Buildings" section
  • You must have at least 1 Missile in your AG Inventory. You can buy missiles at the Trader's Post Market or craft them at the Crafting Station. (NOTE: A minimum Sovereignty requirement of 5 and maximum level in Explosive Artillery Unit (EAU) is needed to CRAFT a Missile in the Crafting Station.)
If your attack is successful, you will hit for a significant amount. Sometimes the enemy team may have Command Center, Research Facilities and Advanced turrets on their lands that may present you with complications.

If the enemy team has Command Center and Research Facility, there will be a chance of your communications being jammed for 30 minutes. The chance of jamming increases based on the level of their team building.

Missed Attacks:
The attack has a chance of missing. This is due to several factor, but no penalty is added for missing and your ammo count does not go down.

Guidance chips:
The missile terminal comes loaded with a certain number of guidance chips. This amount will deplete with each attack, including those that are deflected or jammed. Missed attacks do not count. Once the guidance chip count goes to 0 you will need to obtain a NEW Missile Terminal at Nu Karne or Item Store.

Please be advised that some regions do not have scripts enabled. These regions are sanctuaries and no combat or destruction can take place on that land. These limits are set by the curators of these lands. You can tell if a region is a sanctuary in two ways:

  • You will not be able to perform any actions from your player HUD.
  • By Looking on your top bar of your viewer. You will see a small 'No Scripts' icon.
If you come across a sanctuary in your conquest, it's better to leave it be.

Conquering Lands (Claiming)
The more land you have, the harder you are to kill, the harder you will hit. Each land owned increases your rank, health and damage bonus (aka "Status"). The larger your empire, the more unbreakable you become. Your growing empire also allows you to increase your chances at gathering rare resources as each land is rich in a particular resource.

Claiming an unclaimed land may seem easy, but think again! You may have found an unclaimed land, choosing "Claim by Force" posts a challenge to all players across the Grid informing them of your action so be prepared! Another way to claim a land is by choosing "Claim by Finance" and the land instantly becomes yours!

To conquer a land (ANY sim/island in Second Life):

  1. Teleport to a sim/island in Second Life.
  2. Click "Claim by Force" or "Claim by Finance".
  3. You will be notified from your HUD and with a Grid Event when the land becomes yours.

NOTE: You cannot claim while flying.

Top Conqueror Rating
The leaderboard for Top Conqueror is based on a Rating. This rating is determined by the number of lands you own and how protected they are (structures installed on lands). You will gain extra rating points if you build sovereignties.


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