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Assassin's Grid - Player Guide
Player Guide Categories
  1. How To Get Started
    ** Take me to the Crash Course instead! **
  2. Character Creation
  3. User Interface (HUD)
  4. Character Advancement
  5. Skills/Abilities
  6. Trade skills, Gathering, Crafting, Transmutation
  7. Genetic Engineering, BoC Elementalist
  8. Drones
  9. Consumables
  10. Factions and You
  11. Bounty Office
  12. How Do I Pick a Weapon?
  13. Combat: The Art of Destruction
  14. Siege Operations and Conquering Land
  15. Land Management & Sovereignty
  16. Grid Events and Boss Fights
  17. Teams, Team Buildings and Player Buildings
  18. PvP Warzone

Trade skills, Gathering and Crafting
Gathering and Crafting is an important aspect to Assassin's Grid. It allows players to use planning and organization to create an array of items that can be used in a variety of ways. It also allows "crafters" to trade in the Trader's Post Market to gain monetary status or purchase any missing ingredients needed to craft another item, such as a Control Tower or Fortress.

There are three types of gathering:

  • Manual Gathering: You may gather resources from the lands you conquer. You can do so by teleporting(tp) to the land and pressing the Gather button in your HUD. You gather more resources if you conquer the land
  • Stealing Resources: You may also gather resources from the lands conquered by others. You can tp to the land and click the Gather button. You will however get less resources for stealing. It is advisable to gather from your conquered lands
  • Using Gathering Drones: Put the machines to work and they can gather for you while you sleep! They however need to be purchased by either L$ or revenue stamps from the item store.

There are two types of crafting:
  • Gearcrafting: Using building skills in the Metaverse to craft any desired Armor design. Upon completion of the build, the "gearcrafter" can sell it in the Metaverse.
  • AGCC Crafting Station: The Station is used to convert resources gathered on land to commodities such as structures, teas and siege grenades. Having a Crafting Station directly on the web allows you to craft anywhere via inworld browser, cellphone, laptop or Internet TV.

Assassin's Grid provides flexibility to crafting; if you would like to "gearcraft" and use the AGCC Crafting Station you can do so! Players choose to craft for a variety of reasons whether it is for necessity to keep your lands strong, or to become a market monger with riches flowing into your pocket on a daily basis.

Gearcrafting in the Metaverse
The following are a few good guides to learning to build in the Metaverse:

AGCC Crafting Station
The Crafting Station can be found by logging into your account at AssassinsGrid.com and clicking the link "Crafting Station" to the right of the site. This will open up the core page you will use to craft items in the game.

Select a category of the item you would like to craft. Before crafting a recipe, you will see one of two features:

  • "Craft It" button: This button appears to the right of the recipe if you have enough materials to craft it. By clicking the button, it will immediately craft the item and remove the required materials from your inventory. Each time you craft an item, you will receive a crafting badge which allows you to climb the Crafting Leaderboard!
  • "Get Materials" link: This link appears if you do not have enough materials to craft the recipe. Clicking the link will take you directly to a personalized Trader's Post Market page. This is a very convenient feature for crafters as this page displays only materials in the Market which are required for your specific recipe. Each time you purchase from this personalized Market page, the materials shown above the Market results will dynamically change to show how many materials you currently have. When you have enough materials to craft the item, click the "Back to Crafting Station" link to go back to the crafting page. You will now see a "Craft It" button to the right of that recipe.

A Transmutation Artifact allows you to experiment and discover recipes to transmute one or more resources into another resource. This is helpful if you want to convert some abundant resources that you may have into the ones that you may need. For example, you may discover how to convert your Water and Coal into Silica.

You can buy and sell transmutation recipes at the Transmutation Market. There is a search feature which allows you to specify which ingredient and/or result you would like in a recipe for sale.

The following are a few search examples:

  • View all recipes for sale: Revisit Transmutation Market or choose 'Search All Resources' in all search drop downs.
  • Search recipes that require at least one ingredient of Iron: Choose 'Iron' in Ingredient 1 drop down OR Ingredient 2 drop down and hit Search.
  • Search recipes that will transmute resources into Wiring: Choose 'Wiring' in Result drop down and hit Search.


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