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Assassin's Grid - Player Guide
Player Guide Categories
  1. How To Get Started
    ** Take me to the Crash Course instead! **
  2. Character Creation
  3. User Interface (HUD)
  4. Character Advancement
  5. Skills/Abilities
  6. Trade skills, Gathering, Crafting, Transmutation
  7. Genetic Engineering, BoC Elementalist
  8. Drones
  9. Consumables
  10. Factions and You
  11. Bounty Office
  12. How Do I Pick a Weapon?
  13. Combat: The Art of Destruction
  14. Siege Operations and Conquering Land
  15. Land Management & Sovereignty
  16. Grid Events and Boss Fights
  17. Teams, Team Buildings and Player Buildings
  18. PvP Warzone

Land Management
The Land Management system is a great way to control the assets on your lands and keep an eye on any sieges or ambushes. A player can defend an attack against the land by recharging the shield and restocking supplies. Add structures to reinforce your lands and make it virtually impenetrable.

Adding Protection and Strength to your Empire
Once you own a land, add structures to protect your land from entering the grasp of a hostile player. Keeping Storage Silos, Control Towers and other structures installed on the land, it will be very hard for someone to take down your land. In most cases you may be able to defend an attack on your land by merely re-stocking your supplies and batteries on the land. Supplies are used to repair the damage done to the land and batteries can re-charge the shield. In some cases you may have to take on your enemies face to face, old school, gun to the face style! Make sure you have backup incase it's an organized team operation. A valuable tool in Assassin's Grid is known as the AGCC Land Management. This portable control center allows you to view and improve your current lands conquered. Keep in mind that to add structures and necessities to your land, you must first have them available in your inventory via crafting or purchasing from the Market.

There are a variety of structures you can add to your conquered land. Each structure plays a specific, important role to protecting your assets from hostile attackers:

  • Storage Silo: Automatically repairs land's health (consumes Supplies) when land is hit by siege damage. This will not repair the structures.
  • Control Tower: Notifies the land owner of any hostile actions performed on the land (such as resource stealing or damage)
  • Fortress: If the land is destroyed, it will continue to stay in the name of the owner until the Fortress is destroyed.
  • Turret: Deals damage to hostile attackers.
  • Arc Reactor: Recharges the land's shield (consumes Batteries).
  • Bunker: Reduces all damage done to land by 50%.

Leveling Turrets:
You can level your Turrets on all your lands up to Level 60 in your Land Management. Each level requires 1 Turret from your AG inventory to upgrade. With each level gained, the chance of a siege attack being DEFLECTED (0 damage) increases by 1% up to a maximum of 60%. The Turrets will also hit harder per level up to a maximum of 100,000 damage done to the attacker unmitigated at level 60. If the land Turret is at maximum level, it will INSTANTLY KILL your attacker and award you a kill badge if an attacker is physically present on the region. The advanced Turrets will ALSO deflect incoming missiles HOWEVER the Turret will not hit a Sieger using a missile system at a REMOTE location.

Charters and Sovereignty
Charters allow you to create as many Sovereignties as you have Charters. Every player can create up to 5 Sovereignties (each player starts off with 5 Charters). To build more than 5 Sovereignties you can visit My Account page to add more Charters. Currently, the maximum allowed Charters and Sovereignties are 15.

A Sovereignty makes all sectors immune (invincible) to all siege damage from siege grenades/launcher and napalm. You can build a Sovereignty (SOV) if you own all sectors from one land. Visit My Sovereignty Summary page to view a summary of your lands and how many sectors you own for each land. If you have all sectors, you can click "Build Sovereignty" button to complete a Sovereignty.

To build a Sovereignty:

  • All sectors must be owned by you
  • Land must not already be part of a sovereignty
  • All sectors must have ALL structures installed
  • All sectors must have full Health and Shield
  • All sectors must have 1.25 million Supplies and Batteries
  • All sectors must not be attacked within the last 2 hours
  • All sectors must not be Destroyed, Available to Claim, or For Sale

Losing Land
You can lose a land if you are unable to defend your land against an attack made by another player. Remember, it is not easy to take down another player's land and there are several methods by which you can reinforce your land with crafted items such as Fortresses, Bunkers and Turrets. With great power comes great responsibility. While you continue to build your empire, you also have to manage and defend your assets. If an attack is made against your land and you do not have the resources to defend it you will lose the land and lose your status and power

Selling Land
Become an AG land mogul by conquering land and selling it to other players! If your land is available to sell in the Land Market you will see 'Sell in Land Market' link next to the land in your Land Management page.

You will not be able to create a land listing if:

  • Land has been attacked in less than 24 hours
  • Land is part of a sovereignty
  • Land is already for sale
  • Land was purchased less than 7 days ago
  • Land is Destroyed or Available to Claim
  • Land HP and/or Shield is not fully restored
  • You already have listed 16 lands for sale in the last 24 hours
Once you press 'Create Listing' the Listing Fees will be taken from your IOU balance and the listing will be created.

You will not be able to change the Listing Price or delete the listing once the listing has been created.
Once the land listing is created, you will lose a land deed as the land will no longer belong to you; it belongs to the Curator's land market!
Once the land listing is created, you will not be able to make changes to the land, such as add a structure or add supplies. However, your land is protected from all seiging activity while it is for sale!

NOTE: These land sales are all fictional and are not related in any way to parcel or sim sales in Second Life.

Buying Land
By conquering land and purchasing land, you can gain land deeds at a faster rate than others. Or perhaps you are finding cheaper land deals that you can purchase to then turn around and sell to a player with a Buy Offer for profit! Visit the Land Market to purchase land. You can also Search Land for specifics such as lands rich in Silica or a specific land name incase you are working on building a sovereignty. If the land is for sale, you will see a 'On Sale' icon next to the land; clicking the icon will direct you to that specific land listing in the Land Market.

You will not be able to purchase a land listing if:

  • You have reached the maximum lands to own in AG
  • You already have purchased 16 lands for sale in the last 24 hours

Creating a Buy Order for Land
Really want a land owned by someone else? If the land is not listed for sale, you could siege the land and claim it. However if the land is for sale, or you prefer to hold back from sieging, you can create a Buy Order by first Searching the Land you need HERE then clicking on the 'Offer' icon next to the land if applicable. The Offer amount that you specify will be deducted from your IOU balance once your Buy Order is made and the owner of the land will be notified when they log in. If the land owner would like to complete your Buy Order, they can do so and will receive the IOU you have already paid once the land is transferred to your name. Buy Orders are a great way to grow your empire and collect the sectors you need to create your sovereignties.

You will not be able to create a land buy order if:

  • Land is part of a sovereignty
  • Land is Destroyed or Available to Claim
  • Another buy order for the same land and sector is already created by you
  • You already have 16 land buy orders created within 24 hours
    Once you press 'Create Buy Order' the Offer Price will be taken from your IOU balance and the buy order will be created. However, you can delete your Buy Order at any time.

Accepting a Buy Order for Your Land
Buy Orders are amazing if you own the lands because you can receive the Offer IOU amount right away when you complete the Buy Order! What if you do not own the land but you would like to complete the Buy Order? Go take that land from the current land owner by sieging or buying from the Sale Order section of the Land Market (if the land is for sale), wait the cool down period, then complete the Buy Order.

If you own the land that you can complete a Buy Order for, you will see an 'Accept Offer' button in the Buy Order section of the Land Market. Once you click that, you will be taken to a new screen that specifies the land and sector you will be selling, the Buy Order Offer Price (IOU), and any repair fees you will need to pay for structure damage and the base market fee. Any fees owed will be deducted from the Buy Order Offer Price and you will receive the difference. For example, the Buy Order Offer Price for Land Coolbeans (S1) is 500 IOU and you owe 100 IOU in fees; therefore you will receive 400 IOU total upon completion of the Buy Order.

Utilizing the Land Market to the full potential can be a great profit gain as a land mogul!

You will not be able to accept/complete a land buy order if:

  • Land has been attacked in less than 24 hours
  • Land is part of a sovereignty
  • Land was purchased less than 7 days ago
  • Land is Destroyed or Available to Claim
  • Land HP and/or Shield is not fully restored
  • You have already accepted 16 land buy orders within 24 hours
    Once you press 'Complete Buy Order' the Market Fees will be deducted from the Buy Order Offer Price and you will receive the remaining amount.


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